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Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy is an evidence-based practice. Years of research continues to support an approach that provides a non-judgemental presence, a safe environment and a collaborative relationship where clients can explore their inner thoughts and feelings. Being person-centred means that the therapist seeks to understand how it is for the client in their daily lives, and in the present moment of exploration. It is client-led and upholds the inner wisdom of each person as the key to healing and growth. 

Carl Rogers, 1961


Incorporating an experiential element in therapy means considering not only named emotions but accessing experiences such as physical sensations or visual images; looking beyond words for distinctly valuable messages about how we experience the world.

When you are truly heard by someone else who accepts and respects you, then you can also hear and understand yourself in a new way, making it easier to find your own direction in life, moving beyond what others expect or want you to be.

Examples of Issues that can be supported in Person-Centred Therapy:

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