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Rachael Graveley (She/Her)

Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapist MBACP

I am a fully qualified Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapist. I completed my Postgraduate Diploma with The Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in 2021. 

I pay close attention to issues regarding discrimination and inequality that clients may experience in their lives, and endeavour to work following the principles of anti- discriminatory practice. Please ask me about this if you wish to explore or challenge how I address this in my work. 

My primary placement hours were completed at a cancer charity (where I continue to work) and I have supported clients going through their own cancer journey, or that of someone close to them. Working with loss and bereavement is an important part of that work and an area that I have studied and worked with, with compassion, care and commitment. Many people don't wish to burden their families or loved ones but need to talk honestly about fear, loss, and grief with someone who can sit with their distress and accept every part of that experience with them. 

Grief and loss don't just relate to death; we can grieve the loss of identity, health, security or relationships or be dealing with anticipatory grief when we are facing the loss of someone close to us.Identifying and sharing your loss in counselling can be extremely useful, growthful and supportive.  

Many people are navigating the grief and losses experienced through the Covid-19 pandemic. I have offered psychotherapy support throughout the pandemic & can provide time and space for you to process and understand the impact this may have had on your life. 

We are not defined by our scars, but by our incredible ability to heal .'     Lemn Sissay

I am passionate about the evidence-based Person-Centred approach to therapy which promotes the therapeutic relationship as key to healing and growth. I don’t analyse, dictate, diagnose, or advise- I listen and work alongside you, paying careful attention to what you need from me and the therapy you receive.

I have a particular interest in the area of post-traumatic growth. Person -Centred therapy can play an important role in recovery and growth for those who are suffering the effects of historical or recent trauma. I am aligned with the ethos behind positive psychology which supports people to consider their strengths alongside their difficulties, their growth alongside their struggles and to foster the self-compassion that allows them to understand and appreciate themselves more

'What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it's not. And a lot of the time, it's what makes you great. '   Emma Stone

I previously worked in education for 13 years teaching young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, specialising in teaching and pastoral support for those with emotional and behavioural difficulties. I understand the complexity of diagnosis for issues such as autism and ADHD and support individual choice around this area. Labels can be a useful way of understanding yourself and communicating that to others, but they can also limit people's understanding of your own unique experience and needs. I am confident in offering therapy to people looking for support with their neurodiversity experience, and understand that this will be different for each unique person. 

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